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Priyanka a commerce graduate from Kanpur University and an MBA from Shree Balaji Society Pune is the Founder and Ceo of Buzzbells. With her Digital expertise and content creation she channels Buzzbells to help celeberate the small joy and festivities of life more creatively and effortlessly. As a CEO her only goal is to ensure that nothing should come in the way of our happiness.


Rohan Saldanha


As Co-Founder & CMO of Buzzbells, Rohan provides creative leadership and direction to all the strategic and operational functions of the company. A Marketer at heart, Rohan has extensive experience in successfully planning and organizing branding and marketing events for products and companies in the Telecommunications Industry in India. He brings to the table a unique combination of business acumen, marketing and event planning skills and a passion to help others creatively celebrate life. Rohan is a graduate of the Advertising and Public Relations program from the Mudra Institute of ‘Communication, Ahmedabad and an MBA from the University of Jammu.